Welcome to the Chicago chapter of the National Organization for Women. We are dedicated to furthering feminist issues for the women of Chicago. We pride ourselves on being part of ‘the city that works,’ a city with a long history of activism. Our intention is to make a difference in the lives of the women in our city by dedicating ourselves to several key projects each year, and through community outreach and political activities.

Help Stop “The War on Women”

There has been a lot of talk recently in the news and from our elected officials about wars; everything from “family values” to reproductive rights seem to be in a mysterious battle. But women’s bodies, our wages, our sexual orientation, our safety and our health are not battle fields. If you want to stop the war speech and start making a difference in the community, consider joining one of CNOW’s five issue teams including: Reproductive Rights, Lesbian Rights, Economic Equity, Women’s Health and Violence Against Women. Teams meet every month. Email chicagonow.org@gmail.com

A Call for Board Members!!

CNOW is looking for a few good women, men and otherwise identified folks! Interested in feminism? Equality? Organizing for justice? Serving the local community? Networking with like-minded urbanites? As a CNOW board member, you will have the opportunity to help engage our community in promoting gender justice and in making sure our voices are heard. Please email your resume and cover letter to the CNOW Board at chicagonow.org@gmail.com. We cannot wait to hear from you!