Welcome to the Chicago chapter of the National Organization for Women. We are dedicated to furthering feminist issues for the women of Chicago. We pride ourselves on being part of ‘the city that works,’ a city with a long history of activism. Our intention is to make a difference in the lives of the women in our city by dedicating ourselves to several key projects each year, and through community outreach and political activities.

Women Who Dared 2015 Is Almost Here!

Each year, Chicago NOW recognizes two women making a positive impact on the lives of women and girls in this city at our Women Who Dared celebration. Registration for Women Who Dared, which takes place on Thursday, October 22nd at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse (33 W. Kinzie) in Chicago, is now open!
This event is Chicago’s opportunity to honor and thank Chicago leaders for their contributions to the feminist community. This year, we are proud to recognize two women who dared: This year, we are proud to honor Susana Mendoza, Clerk of the City of Chicago, and Scheherazade Tillet, Executive Director of A Long Walk Home, an a Chicago-based national non-profit that uses art to educate, inspire, and mobilize young people to end violence against girls and women.
Tickets for this great event start at just $35. For questions, or to join the host committee, please contact chicagonow.org@gmail.com.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, October 22nd!
A special thanks to our host committee: Omar Aquino, Beth Bond, Scott Cisek & Mallory Sorenson, Amy Crawford, Lindsay Eanet, Krystle Everett, Hon. Bridget Gainer, Josina Morita, Kelly Marie Murphy, Nora Gruenberg, Hon. Barrett F. Pedersen, Kati Phillips, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, and Susan Straus.

Open Call For Artists: Give Your Choice A Voice 2015!

Are you an artist, musician, poet, storyteller, essayist, comedian or performer interested in exploring choice and empowerment? We want you to share your stories for Give Your Choice A Voice 2015!

The Chicago Chapter of the National Organization of Women (CNOW) will be hosting the fifth annual “Give Your Choice a Voice” event on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 at the Heartland Café in Rogers Park.

We are bringing together pro-choicers from across the city for a chance to be a part of a safe, positive space to engage in the dialogue on reproductive choice including abortion, contraception, pregnancy, miscarriage, fertility, gender identity and transition, and much more! It’s your body; it’s your choice and we want to hear your story! In addition to personal testimonies, the evening will also feature musical and spoken word performances, professional storytellers, as well as woman made artwork.

The reproductive justice awareness event is an opportunity for the community to get to together and tell their stories about how issues around reproductive justice, choice and agency affect their lives. It’s been an intense few years for reproductive rights. We’ve seen attacks on Planned Parenthood, states valuing a fetus over a woman, women being called sluts for advocating for access to the pill and politicians routinely using women’s rights as a playing chip in their game. People are fed up but more than anything people just want a chance to be heard, to tell their stories. This is an opportunity for you to tell your story, and support other members of the community as they tell theirs. If you are a writer, performer, storyteller or simply a person with something to say, we want to hear your stories on these issues.

We want to hear all kinds of stories—about abortion, contraception and the Pill, but also about fertility, adoption, choices relating to pregnancy and birth, reproductive justice & agency w/r/t gender identity and transitioning——any thing relating to choice, however you define it. “Give Your Choice a Voice” will be an interactive night of story-telling and music-listening.

Activists, representatives from different women’s organizations and audience members will be telling their stories and in between stories local bands will play while the audience has a dialogue about reproductive rights and issues. We will be sharing information about the event beneficiary and performers in the coming weeks. If you are interested in performing or volunteering for this event, please email us with your submitted piece/a short description of your story or performance and a short bio at chicagonow.org@gmail.com. Looking forward to a great event this year!