The Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women is pleased to report that the Police Review Board has decided that Anthony Abbate will be discharged. While this is not the ideal punishment for a violent felon, we are pleased that the board recognizes that Abbate is not fit to serve in this city. This decision sends the message that Judge John Fleming could not: the abuse of women and girls in Chicago must stop! The police are not above the law! We wish the best for Karolina Obryka and her family.

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IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Respondent, Police Officer
Anthony Abbate, Star No. 18601, as a result of having been found
guilty of charges in Police Board Case No. 08 PB 2676, be and
hereby is discharged from his position as a police officer with
the Department of Police, and from the services of the City of

Chicago NOW was present at the final police review board trial. Be sure to read our summary in the blog section.