Want Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care for Women? Help Pass HB 6205 by Contacting Your State Representative Today!

On March 10th 2010, The Reproductive Health & Access Act (HB 6205) was passed out of the House Human Services Committee.  The next step toward comprehensive reproductive health care for ALL women in Illinois is for the full Illinois House of Representatives to vote.

Make your voice be heard and contact your State Representative.  ontact her/him via phone, email, fax or mail to tell them that you want comprehensive reproductive health care for ALL women in Illinois.

To locate your State Representative, click HERE to find the contact information for your and tell her/him to “Vote Yes on HB 6205, the Reproductive Health & Access Act.”  Tell your friends and family to contact their State Representatives as well.  Post this to your Facebook page and blog.  Tweet this call to action on Twitter.  Get the word out that women in Illinois DEMAND comprehensive reproductive health care.

Visit for full details about the Reproductive Health & Access Act (HB 6205).

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