Please support Between Friends and other concerned community members in being part of a community response that makes it clear that THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Come share your thoughts about what happened and let’s start talking about solutions.

A Rogers Park man is charged in the murder of a woman who had taken out an order of protection against him. William Caponegri, 49, allegedly strangled Karen Salvino, 52, in his Rogers Park apartment the morning of Sunday Aug. 15th. “In a video statement to police, Caponegri admitted that he put his hand on the victim’s throat and she wouldn’t shut up so he kept on choking her.”

Meet at the corner of Glenwood and Northshore Ave. (the 6700 block of Glenwood) this buy cenforce online uk Thursday August 26th at 6pm.

Participants will tie purple ribbons on trees in the neighborhood to signify the people who are murdered each year at the hands of their current or past intimate partners. After the ribbons are tied, we will hold a vigil to remember Karen Salvino.

For more information feel free to visit the Between Friends website here or utilize the contact information listed below:

Colleen Norton, MSW

Prevention & Education Manager

Between Friends

Building a Community Without Domestic Violence

773-274-5232 extension 26

One thought on “End Domestic Violence in Rogers Park

  1. I was very moved by this city wide community outreach and integrity..
    I live near Merrimac park, I was aressted
    40 yrs ago for beating my mother’s husband, for physically assulting her.
    They released me for felony battery…which follows me til this day ..the police were very kind to men and domestic violence in that era ad I see there much better today..
    Needless to say my step father left and sober never to return….my mother lived a long life…as a community we have to stand up ….
    I honor Karen, system failed her, and her abuser and murderer will live on feeling like the victim. God bless her family…. community. Come together….

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