As you all know, March is National Women’s History Month! Over the past few weeks, we have been celebrating the history of women in our own city. We’re celebrating Chicago women who have made an impact on this city, this country and the world!

Each weekday throughout March, we’ve been sharing stories and information about the Chicago artists, stateswomen, activists, organizers, comedians and athletes who have been agents of change. You can see all of our entries at our Facebook page (, but below is a list of all the included Chicago icons:

  • Jane Addams, organizer, founder of Hull House
  • Ida B. Wells, journalist and activist
  • Dawn Clark Netsch, politician
  • Gwendolyn Brooks, poet
  • Women of the Alpha Suffrage Club
  • Katherine McCormick, philanthropist
  • Hillary Clinton, politician
  • Fannie Emanuel, doctor and civic leader
  • Christina Kahrl, sportswriter and activist
  • Lorraine Hansberry, playwright
  • Michelle Obama, First Lady and organizer
  • Sandra Cisneros, writer
  • Gloria Schweigerdt, athlete
  • Oprah Winfrey, media mogul
  • Jeanne Gang, architect
  • Vernita Gray, activist
  • Tina Fey, entertainer
  • Vivian Maier, photographer
  • Achy Obejas, writer
  • Alexis Martinez, organizer and activist
  • Mavis Staples, singer

As this month comes to a close, we want to ask you—who are your favorite Chicago women heroes? Tell us in the comments!

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