clindagel 150mg australia Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court (multiple endorsements)
Hon. Michael Cabonargi, Hon. Iris Martinez, Jacob Meister
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (voters choose three)
Hon. Cam Davis, Hon. Kim DuBuclet, Eira Corral Sepúlveda
Illinois Supreme Court, Freeman Vacancy (dual endorsement)
Daniel Epstein, Hon. Margaret Stanton McBride
1st Appellate, Neville, Jr. Vacancy— Hon. Carolyn Gallagher
Circuit Court Judge, Coghlan Vacancy— Elizabeth Ryan
Circuit Court Judge, Larsen Vacancy—Suzanne Therese McEneely
Circuit Court Judge, Mason Vacancy—Chris Stacey
Circuit Court Judge, O’Brien Vacancy— Hon. Lloyd James Brooks
Circuit Court Judge, O’Brien Vacancy— Heather Kent
Circuit Court Judge, Roti Vacancy— James Patrick Crawley
Cook Circuit Judge, Sheehan, C. Vacancy— Deidre Baumann
Circuit Court Judge, Sheehan K. Vacancy— Jill Rose Quinn
6th Judicial Subcircuit, Nega Vacancy— Jamie Guerra Dickler
6th Judicial Subcircuit, Nega Vacancy— Anne Shaw
6th Judicial Subcircuit, Pantle Vacancy— Eileen Marie O’Connor
8th Judicial Subcircuit, Fleming Vacancy— Bradley Trowbridge
9th Judicial Subcircuit, Axelrood Vacancy— Pamela Stratigakis
9th Judicial Subcircuit, Luckman Vacancy—Hon. Michael A. Strom
9th Judicial Subcircuit, Luckman Vacancy—Julie B. Aimen
10th Judicial Subcircuit, McGing Vacancy— Jon Stromsta
10th Judicial Subcircuit, O’Brien Vacancy— Mary C. Marubio CHICAGO NOW PAC 2020 ENDORSEMENTS
Chicago National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is the
political arm of Chicago NOW, a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization.
Chicago NOW PAC endorses candidates at the local level. For information on
state or federal candidate endorsements, please visit
Endorsed candidates are selected based on, among other factors, answers to
the Chicago NOW PAC questionnaire, their demonstrated shared feminist
values, and a majority vote by Chicago NOW PAC members. In some cases,
dual or multiple endorsements have been made.

For questions, please contact

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