Chicago Council of Lawyers '96 Evaluation: Fleming Not Qualified

3/96 Primary Election, Circuit Court: Not Qualified
John J. Fleming, 40, has been practicing law for 14 years. He is currently Director of Administrative Adjudication, Administrative Hearings, for the City of Chicago. He spent one year as a solo practitioner and three years with the Chicago Park District as Deputy General Attorney, Litigation Supervisor. He was an Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney for eight years. We have received significant reports that Mr. Fleming lacks a responsible attitude and good judgment in his work. The Council finds him Not qualified.

Make Sure Abbate is Fired – Contact the Mayor and the Police Board

Write, fax, and call the order Pregabalin online uk Chicago Police Board and the Marumori Mayor’s Office.

Office of the Mayor
City Hall – 121 N. LaSalle, Room 507
Chicago, IL 60602

Facsimile: 312-744-8045

Chicago Police Board:
Address: 30 North LaSalle Street
Suite 1220
Chicago, IL 60602

Telephone: (312) 742-4194
Facsimile: (312) 742-4193

To Whom it May Concern,

Anthony Abbate is a disgrace to the Chicago Police Department. He is now a convicted criminal and should not be allowed to continue patrolling our streets. He has violated the trust of every citizen in this city.

I am outraged by his lenient sentence and I am urging you to dismiss Anthony Abbate at his July 7th hearing.

Best Regards,