Image of megaphone plus text "Get Out the Vote" with CNOW & Indivisible Chicago

Get Out The Vote With CNOW and Indivisible Chicago

Chicago NOW is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Indivisible Chicago to Get Out The Vote (GOTV)! Who is Indivisible Chicago?

Indivisible Chicago is a progressive, grassroots all-volunteer group of Chicago residents with chapters in neighborhoods all across the city. Throughout the past four years, Indivisible Chicago has led city-wide efforts to resist the regressive Trump agenda. Today, Chicago NOW unites with Indivisible Chicago to mobilize Chicago progressives to help get out the vote for the upcoming general election in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Belper How can I help?

Indivisible’s campaign is three-pronged: 1) postcard writing, 2) phone banking and 3) text banking. Indivisible will provide you with all the tools you need to start your very own progressive campaign headquarters, right from your couch! Join CNOW for one part, two parts, or all three parts of Indivisible’s crucial voter outreach efforts.

Phase 1: Join the Postcard Posse!

Since early 2020, Indivisible has written millions of postcards to progressive voters in Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Montana and Wisconsin. Now, we need your help to get postcards to voters in other swing states like Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania to remind them to vote on November 3 and cast their ballots in one of the most pivotal general elections in recent history.

Writing postcards is an easy, free and effective way to increase voter turnout and get new voters to the polls. Plus, there’s no in-person contact required! Here’s how writing with the Postcard Posse works:

  1. Have the cards delivered to your front door or pick them up from a distribution hub.
  2. Follow the instructions that come with the cards—including what message to write.
  3. When you’re done writing, return the cards to your hub via pickup or drop-off.
  4. If you want to also make a monetary donation, buy stamps for your cards or donate online.

Join the CNOW Postcard Posse team and get started writing postcards within a matter of days! Host a virtual postcard party at your next friends or family Zoom hangout. Write some postcards. Have fun. Save democracy.

Phase 2: Phone Banking!

Whether you’ve worked so many campaigns that you have a favorite pair of canvassing shoes, or you’re a rookie desperate to advance progressive causes, CNOW and Indivisible Chicago will make sure you have the support to make an impact. If you’re new to phone banking, Indivisible offers “Phone Banking 101,” a 30-minute, virtual training session. After you’re all trained and fired up, ready to remind voters of their important civic duty, join a virtual phone bank gathering! Each gathering starts with an orientation, during which Indivisible provides you with crucial talking points, and it ends with a group debrief when the calls are done. Your phone bank leaders are always available online to solve problems and answer questions.

CNOW will be sponsoring a virtual phone bank gathering in the coming weeks, but if you’re ready to get started now, sign up here! Without canvassing, phone banking is the most important way we can connect with prospective voters and encourage them to send in their ballots. 

Phase 3: Text Banking!

If you’re like us here at CNOW, you’ve probably received text messages from all kinds of political campaigns and candidates in past election seasons, and wondered to yourself, “Is this a text from a human being, or is this just political Siri or Alexa?” Now, you can be the actual human being on the other end of the text! Just like phone banking, Indivisible has all the tools you need to hop online and start making direct contact with prospective voters in swing states through texting. 

As we get closer to the election, CNOW will begin to sponsor text banking events. If your fingers are just itching to text right now, click to get started.  

Let’s GOTV and save democracy together!

 In solidarity,

Chicago NOW