A Message for the CNOW PAC

The Chicago NOW Political Action Committee has endorsed the following candidates in the 2016 Cook County elections:

State’s Attorney: Kim Foxx
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Jacob Meister
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, 2-Year Term: Tom Greenhaw
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, 6-Year Term: Mariyana Spyropolous, Josina Morita, and Barbara McGowan
Cook County Circuit Court – Elrod Vacancy: Rossana Patricia Fernandez
Cook County Circuit Court – Hogan Vacancy: Alison C. Conlon
Cook County Circuit Court – Howlett, Jr. Vacancy: Aleksandra “Alex” Gillespie
Cook County Circuit Court – Johnson Vacancy: Carolyn Gallagher
Cook County Circuit Court – Karnezis Vacancy: Devlin Schoop
Cook County Circuit Court – Palmer Vacancy: Pat Heneghan
Cook County 1st Subcircuit – Brim Vacancy: Maryam Ahmad
Cook County 6th Subcircuit Vacancy: Anna Loftus
Cook County 7th Subcircuit – Rivkin-Carothers Vacancy: Patricia Spratt
Cook County 10th Subcircuit – Howard Vacancy: Colleen Daly, Eve Marie Reilly
Cook County 12th Subcircuit Vacancy: James Hanlon

For more information or questions, please contact chinowpac@gmail.com