2020 CNOW PAC Endorsements are in!

Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court (multiple endorsements)
Hon. Michael Cabonargi, Hon. Iris Martinez, Jacob Meister
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (voters choose three)
Hon. Cam Davis, Hon. Kim DuBuclet, Eira Corral Sepúlveda
Illinois Supreme Court, Freeman Vacancy (dual endorsement)
Daniel Epstein, Hon. Margaret Stanton McBride
1st Appellate, Neville, Jr. Vacancy— Hon. Carolyn Gallagher
Circuit Court Judge, Coghlan Vacancy— Elizabeth Ryan
Circuit Court Judge, Larsen Vacancy—Suzanne Therese McEneely
Circuit Court Judge, Mason Vacancy—Chris Stacey
Circuit Court Judge, O’Brien Vacancy— Hon. Lloyd James Brooks
Circuit Court Judge, O’Brien Vacancy— Heather Kent
Circuit Court Judge, Roti Vacancy— James Patrick Crawley
Cook Circuit Judge, Sheehan, C. Vacancy— Deidre Baumann
Circuit Court Judge, Sheehan K. Vacancy— Jill Rose Quinn
6th Judicial Subcircuit, Nega Vacancy— Jamie Guerra Dickler
6th Judicial Subcircuit, Nega Vacancy— Anne Shaw
6th Judicial Subcircuit, Pantle Vacancy— Eileen Marie O’Connor
8th Judicial Subcircuit, Fleming Vacancy— Bradley Trowbridge
9th Judicial Subcircuit, Axelrood Vacancy— Pamela Stratigakis
9th Judicial Subcircuit, Luckman Vacancy—Hon. Michael A. Strom
9th Judicial Subcircuit, Luckman Vacancy—Julie B. Aimen
10th Judicial Subcircuit, McGing Vacancy— Jon Stromsta
10th Judicial Subcircuit, O’Brien Vacancy— Mary C. Marubio

Chicago National Organization for Women Political Action Committee is the
political arm of Chicago NOW, a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization.
Chicago NOW PAC endorses candidates at the local level. For information on
state or federal candidate endorsements, please visit http://ilnow.org/pac/.
Endorsed candidates are selected based on, among other factors, answers to
the Chicago NOW PAC questionnaire, their demonstrated shared feminist
values, and a majority vote by Chicago NOW PAC members. In some cases,
dual or multiple endorsements have been made.

For questions, please contact chinowpac@gmail.com.

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Join the CNOW Board for 2020

Chicago NOW is accepting board applications! If you’re a motivated feminist that would like to help out with Chicago NOW’s advocacy work and initiatives, now’s your chance! Please complete this submission form by Friday, November 15. Afterwards, we will be in touch about scheduling a brief interview between yourself and a current board member.

A bit more info on what being a board member entails:

What do Board Members do?

  • Serve as an ambassador for the organization
  • Plan and promote organizational activities
  • Attend Board meetings and organizational events
  • Recruit members and Board Members
  • Support fundraising and organizational operations

Benefits of Serving on the Board

  • Advance opportunities and rights of women in Chicago & beyond
  • Network with progressive professionals
  • Actively engage in the dialogue on feminism and equality
  • Build leadership experience

Board meetings are typically scheduled once a month, and all board members are expected to be present during these meetings. Board Members are required to participate in our annual events and issue-based actions throughout the year.

Board Members are also required to be registered members of Chicago NOW, which is an annual fee of $40 a year. In addition, there is a $500 fundraising requirement. We are an all volunteer organization that operates as a result of donations. This amount can be fulfilled through reaching out to your network and inviting people to attend our events (as their donations will count toward your total), in kind donations (supplies, food, etc.), personal donations, or some combination of all of the above.

We are looking forward to a great new year with new faces and new unique perspectives! We hope you will join us.

CNOW Denounces Sexual Abuse

Musician R. Kelly has a decades-long history of allegations of child pornography, pedophilia, and abusive behavior toward black women and girls. He also has a long history of using his power, money, and fame to avoid being held appropriately accountable for his actions.

Following the release of Lifetime’s documentary on the subject, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx vowed to take the issue seriously and has charged Kelly with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. His fame continues to work to his advantage, however, as fans and supporters have now paid over $200,000 to keep Kelly out of jail.

As many have already stated, it is almost unfathomable to imagine someone getting away with abusing white women and girls for decades on end, celebrity or not. We, as a society, must reckon with the fact that we continue to treat the abuse of black women and girls as less important than the abuse of white women and girls. We cannot allow ourselves to sit idly and allow this to happen; rather, we must change the status quo.

Chicago NOW unequivocally denounces the sexual abuse of any individual, regardless of color, gender, class, or status of the abuser. Chicago NOW fully supports the continued efforts to hold R. Kelly accountable for his actions.

Chicago NOW President on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight

Chicago NOW President on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight

On Monday, January 28, 2019 , Chicago NOW President Paloma Delgadillo spoke on WTTW – Chicago PBS regarding the recent Gillette commercial and subsequent controversy about men’s rights and feminism. In intersectional feminism, we call on our allies to use their voices to speak to the harmful behaviors that may be exhibited in their own community. Calling on men to do better is not the same as oppression, but instead a necessary and positive action that must be taken in order to fight against misogyny.

This discussion was also a sobering reminder that sexism is still alive and well. Though it may not always be apparent, it is still obvious in the behaviors we view as normal and in society’s inability to hold men (and all people) accountable for their actions. We have made great strides in the last few decades, but we must keep pushing for what we believe in. The fight for women’s rights can be won, but only if we keep voting, speaking out, and living every day in accordance with our feminist values.

CNOW Speaks Out Against Sexual Abuse in CPS

There has recently been increased national attention on keeping our students safe while they are at school. This debate typically revolves around the school shooting epidemic, but Chicago Public Schools have another epidemic that has yet to be dealt with appropriately.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported an extensive analysis concluding that over the last decade, police have investigated 523 reports of children being sexually assaulted inside CPS. In many of these reported cases, CPS failed to alert child welfare investigators or police, despite being mandated reporters. In some cases, inadequate background checks led to employment of educators who had been arrested or convicted of sex crimes against minors. Coaches, security guards, teachers, and fellow students have been sexually assaulting children with little to no accountability.

We know that if there are 523 reported cases of sexual misconduct, there are hundreds of instances that have gone unreported due to students’ understandable fear of retaliation, or the proven lack of consequence for perpetrators.

Chicago NOW takes a strong stand against sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially when it affects our youngest generation. The damage that CPS has caused these students is insurmountable and needs to be rectified immediately. CPS must be held accountable to protect its student body. Chicago NOW asks CPS to publicly indicate how they plan to protect their students moving forward.